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Popular Streamer xQc Banned From Twitter After Using A Clip From His Own Stream Twitter has suspended xQc from using his account, despite the fact that the video he posted which received a DMCA claim was his own. Twitch has banned xQc thrice in the past two years for showing inappropriate content on stream. Popular Twitch streamer Justaminx has responded to Felix "xQc" Lengyel's comments about her Twitch ban that occured on December 17 with no reason given by Twitch. Shroud reacts to xQc’s antics at Twitch Rivals. Popular Twitch Clips posted daily. The Twitch Rivals series ended the weekend with the Apex Legends Open. xQcOW's Top Clips. Created Jun 7, 2015. Just Chatting forsen 179703 Alluding Andy at it again but retract within 10 seconds. xQc's Biggest Rust Fail! In an interaction with a … Also, the highest-earning Twitch users primarily stream Minecraft, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto V, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and Fortnite. Share: alex_zedra Gun Enthusiast + FPS Gamer xQc is now banned for seven days from Twitch and will no longer be a part of Twitch Rivals. Now, in a recent video on YouTube, Shroud has revealed some additional footage of him reacting to xQc’s stream. Join. 870k. Swagger rdming XQC after being warned - Clip of xQcOW playing Just Chatting. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ By Alexandra Ramos 3 minutes ago No moderators of this subreddit work for Twitch. xqc makes the wrong choice. Source Create censor-resistant clips from YouTube Live, Twitch and Mixer with this site that gives you full control over your clips! This is xQc’s fourth ban from the broadcast platform. Upcoming Aris vs XQC fistfight! Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has been banned from Twitch for his fourth time along with a 6 month ban from all Twitch Rivals events. Watch all of Ramee's best archives, VODs, and highlights on Twitch. Now, let’s jump into the list of the top five earning streamers on Twitch in 2020: #5 – TimTheTatMan – $1,210,739 He is seen discussing xQc’s questionable tactics in the game and finds out that he is indeed stream sniping. Hey guys, I'm Courtney! All Time This Month This Week. 12.7k. Félix "xQc" Lengyel, one of Twitch’s biggest streamers, was banned for stream-sniping at a Twitch Rivals Fall Guys tournament. Filter ... XQC exposes Nick for smoking weed. ... We accept Twitch Clips, anything from a livestream. Watch xQcOW's clip titled "xqc on why he stopped using the r word" The streamer has been banned in June after showing explicit gorilla clip, and before that in February when he removed a bra from a video game character after winning a game of Connect Four. Most watched: All Time. Just Chatting nmplol 184309 pepeLaugh. ... xQc quits game because lobby bullied Scott. In Pokimane’s case, the breaking of TOS was blatantly obvious. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Justaminx, who often goes by Minx, watched a video while streaming of xQc talking about her ban on Twitch. Download Twitch Clips with a single click using our Chrome Extension! In a Twitch clip, which can be viewed here, Shroud says, "I can feel something bad happening. xQcOW - Among Us. In the clip of the incident that has been circulating, viewers can see him pull up the gun just before accidentally shooting something offscreen, … I'm always playing Fortnite, Rocket League, FallGuys or some other random games! Online. Read more: Tyler1 gives his thoughts on xQc’s Twitch ban: "I hope it's f**king permanent!" Discover Twitch Clips from xqcow. Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has been banned for the fourth time on Twitch following a recent controversy in a Fall Guys tournament at GlitchCon. | Twitch Fails Upcoming Aris vs XQC fistfight! The reasoning behind Twitch bans is once again questioned in this situation. Most played games - Just Chatting and Minecraft. Hope you enjoy! We saw players as talented as Dizzy and TSM_Viss face off against Twitch Partners like AmericanDad and xQc. Now that xQc is making a base, they’re gonna gather up, … - Most Viewed Twitch Clips Of The Day #2 - Valorant Most viewed twitch clips of the week. In a post from the official Twitch Rivals Twitter account it is revealed that xQc has been found guilty of breaking the Official Tournament Code of Conduct and Game Play Rules. Streamed 2 months ago 276. Twitch streamers xQc and Ninja got into a heated Twitter fight after comments xQc made ignited some serious social media drama. This is xQc's fourth suspension from Twitch: He was given a 72-hour vacation in July 2019 for streaming a pornographic video, got a second suspension in February 2020 for playing Connect 4 … Take a look at the video below to see what he wanted to convey: Clips. A recent Cyberpunk 2077 clip where xQc interacts with an in-game s*x worker has now gone viral, with the hilarious exchange ending rather awkwardly for the streamer. xQc. Competitors were broken out into A or B groups that featured a blend of professionals, streamers, and a number of open qualified players. twitch.tv/alex_zedra This clip has 2 views Clipped 12-20-2020 at 10:44:52 PM. Discover and watch the best highlights on Twitch at TwitchHighlights.tv. xQc said that she wasn't banned because she said the word simp. Up-to-date analytics of xQcOW - popular, top-rating English-language streamer with 7.44М followers: Past Streams, amount of Viewers, Followers, Subscribers. This site is not affiliated with Twitch or any of their partners. — xQc (@xQc) June 12, 2020. ... xQc dies to GFuel xQcOW Eternal Return: Black Survival. Find their latest VALORANT streams and much more right here. XQC gets caught stream sniping during Twitch Rivals Twitch’s virtual convention has provided fans a range of different content over the weekend all available in the comfort of their home. xQc tapped into this sexist stereotype on his Dec. 20 stream, and one fan apparently thought it was so clever that they uploaded a clip of the moment titled “ ANOTHER TWITCH … Xqc reviewing the new Gfuel flavor. Members. It’s the third time his account has been suspended this year. This is xQc's fourth ban on Twitch and the third in 2020. Swagger rdming XQC after being warned - Clip of xQcOW playing Just Chatting. XQc’s community brings up how fellow streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys accidentally showed pornographic material on her broadcast yet received no punishment.

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