gatehouse bank savings reviews

It was easy to register, the App gives me access and account information which has allowed me to invest at far better rates than my personal Bank. A great team who are really helpful. In the end this is what I had to do in order to complete the purchase and as a result I will apply for a remortgage elsewhere. But we were assured that the mortgage application had already been in process for 5 weeks and so was ‘well under way’. Truly recommended! I have used customer services twice … Keep away from this lot....Good in the beginning, AiP etc then the adviser went ill for weeks with poor communication.Then underwriter gets involved.Mine was unprofessional, haphazard and would ask for different in depth detail each of the 4 times they reviewed my file instead of asking for a list of things and getting things done in one go.They were slow and under resourced.In the end a "head office review" ended my application and house purchase.I was vexed to say the least. I am happy I spoke to someone as now I have a better understanding of the process thanks to Mufassal! In the meantime, I would provide the relevant documents which I promptly delivered.Unfortunately, this is where things started going wrong. After a few weeks into the process we were informed that there was a small 2 person chain below their purchasers and that a 45% LTV mortgage was required by the bottom of the chain. Despite complaining to the bank they are satisfied it was explained to me, what is more annoying is I specifically wanted to avoid paying broken rent and took the steps following advice from the mortgage adviser and set my completion date accordingly but the bank are unwilling to listen.Please think twice before taking mortgage out with these (this is the beginning and I hope I don’t have further hidden charges not explained to me sufficiently). Thank you Mufassal you are a great asset to Gatehouse Bank, Professional & Reliable! Although it does take time to get from Application to Completion, if you have everything in place you will get there.In summary, I would highly recommend the team at Gatehouse Bank for their level of experience, service and keeping their promise on delivery.Thank you all so much!Mahomed, Leicester, UK. The whole process from an offer being accepted on a house to completion took just under 3 months. One of the few lenders who continued lending and supported brokers throughout lockdown. Mortgage application. We are very grateful to Gatehouse and their employees for their guidance and patience, and of course for our new home! Direct Adviser was on the ball and proactive. Following the acceptance of my bid on a property, X put in place a meeting for the following Monday to discuss the finance offer. Need to see how long it takes now for the purchase time but all looks good for now. I explained to Y the urgency of my situation, that the property in question was extremely popular and I would risk losing the purchase if my matter was delayed. An internet search of Gatehouse reviews worried us greatly which we communicated to our agent. I’d say from our experience steer well clear from this bank. X had provided excellent service; I received a call three days before my meeting from a Y explaining to me that X had taken an extended period of leave due to personal circumstances and as a result my file would be handed to Z. Ashley was always at the other end of an email, I would ask for regular updates and deadlines and then chase it up and he would always have an update for me or advise where I could get it from. I am extremely happy with the service Gatehouse Bank provided. Gatehouse Bank, formerly Milestone Savings, is a new ethical Sharia-compliant challenger bank that is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Useful. Al Rayan Bank’s majority shareholder MAR is based in Qatar whilst the Bank of London and the Middle East is listed on the Dubai NASDAQ stock exchange. Which? Our initial concerns were sadly well founded. Paul Jones not only worked with us diligently throughout the whole process he also made a potentially stressful time into a calming experience whilst maintaining his professionalism. Excellent from start to finish. Gatehouse Bank … That is to say they asked for piecemeal information over several months on a simple buy-to-let for which I more than met their financial eligibility requirements, in fact i had the money to buy outright. I find this unexplained and worrying. All rights reserved. It got to the point where we would be homeless and losing the purchase due to ridiculous requests. We accepted an offer on my parents house in August last year and they put a deposit down on a new build. Founded in 2008, Gatehouse Bank used to operate savings accounts under the Milestone Savings brand, although at the time of writing, it appears that Gatehouse Bank is phasing out this brand. Gatehouse Bank joins UNEP FI as a founding signatory It is great to see our CCO, Paul Stockwell in Mortgage Strategy’s latest magazine, discussing the rental sector. An internet search of Gatehouse reviews worried us greatly which we communicated to our agent. HELL AND BACK!Quite the irony that one decides to use the services of an Islamic bank and my title refers to hell. My family and I were taking the step of buying our first property and I can truly say we received impeccable service from Paul Jones at Gatehouse Bank.Naturally, we were anxious with all the paperwork involved. © 2021 Trustpilot A/S. Gatehouse Bank refers to itself as a challenger bank. Gatehouse Bank plc (registered number 06260053) is a Shariah-compliant challenger bank based in London and is part of the Gatehouse Financial Group of companies. I raised the issue with the complaints department and 10 days later and 2 calls I am still waiting. Gatehouse Bank is currently the best rate on offer to savers over a one-year term and is the best deal to be offered for a one-year fix for over a year. Rather he would calm us, chase up the application status and give constant updates as we progressed through the different stages. At this point I was quite frustrated that the urgency of my situation was not being taken into consideration and I requested if I could get a call from Z (my new advisor), even if it was simply a 5-minute call so that I could explain my circumstances. After a few weeks into the process we were informed that there was a small 2 person chain below their purchasers and that a 45% LTV mortgage was required by the bottom of the chain. special thanks to Lottie Clayton who went out of her way to help me with this case and Chelsea O’Grady was always there for any support needed. Dangerously bad, misleading and badly represented by intermediary. During the current crisis you would think the bank would be empathetic to customers in terms of requests during lockdown, but no! I would advise Gatehouse that their time would be better spent correcting their failing level of service rather than feigning privacy concerns in order to have reviews removed.Having said that in order to comply with guidelines all names have been removed and replaced with 'X', 'Y' and 'Z' ___________________________________________I approached Gatehouse Bank to facilitate an Islamic Finance product and was allocated X as my financial advisor.

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