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Europe has one official RP server and North America has an RP-encouraged server, but other than that, the rulesets are all the same. What’s more, I’ve enjoyed the Warden more than any other class in any other MMO I’ve ever played. Lotro Update 5: The Prince of Rohan will launch on December 12; Lotro Mithril Edition with 500 Turbine Points Bonus; Recent Comments. A warden is using a lot of stat legacies and these don’t do much right now. In addition to this, a Force Taunt will give you around 5 seconds of guaranteed Aggro, even if you don’t have the most Threat. Aggro is when you have the most Threat on a mob and the mob attacks you. Believe it or not, the race of your character can have an impact on how well the class you choose plays through your active and passive skills. The other buffs that I personally try to maintain are Dance of War (for phys mits), Shield Mastery (for general avoidances), persevere->safeguard->celebration of skill (for block, incoming healing and some heals). transfer to warden immunity reflect applies to fellowship applies to N mobs physical ranged tactical small medium large [ ] N { } DAMAGE HEAL BUFF MODIFIERS LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE WARDEN GAMBITS C M Y CM MY CY CMY K warden_gambit_chart.pdf 1 … Very nice guide, with lots of useful information.Since Moria came out warden was my main class, and if I find it enjoyable to play solo (the best class, imho), I never could find the wright spot on group play (maybe it's me).And it is, by far, the class I used to play most - I have a 115 warden on Crickhollow and a 105 on Laurelin.Maybe I need to go back to the basics, and level another one on Anor. I just wanted to share some insight in to the world of the tanking Warden, and hope that you can find at least one helpful piece of information in here.**. January 16, 2021. Threat is a value that represents how threatening you are to a mob based on how much damage/healing you have done. ... 10. 2)The “easier” way to do it is to simply use 3 Tac Mit Essences to cap it out. We shall need to fix that. Now that we have a few basic concepts laid out, we can go more in-depth about how to tank as a Warden. I use it when farming deeds, and most recently when fighting from on foot against mounted enemies. Force Taunts immediately make your threat equal to 120% of whatever the previous highest Threat value was on a monster. Seeing your guide, giving me new insights, makes me want to , well done Capo, you are a gentleman and a scholar, well I don't know you may be an armsman or something, not sure :P Hugs! 1) What is tanking? 58. my warden in Anor is called Ardennas, it is at lvl 50, and it is on my personal kin. 38. 3) What is Aggro? I just wanted to share some insight in to the world of the tanking Warden, and hope that you can find at least one helpful piece of information in here. Many of you have been asking for an updated Warden Class guide and since I do not play. Class Guides. Blue-build = life. Well actually it is. LOTRO Warden Tanking Guide by legofreak11, **Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form the best Warden out there. Even with all these boosts however, your Tac Mit will still be around 8k shy of cap. I went yellow line the other day and it was kind of fun . This can be easily taken care of in 2 ways. When I read someones guide I usually skip to the bottom for the conclusions. As your LOTRO character travels through Middle-Earth and takes part in LOTRO Festivals, they collect an … — Nath (@Nathrien) February 5, 2019. Corrected spelling, typos, and punctuation errors. Welcome to Warden build, here you will find the best Red Warden DPS build for MM expansion. The effects of each gambit are encoded using icons that represent a variety of effects. Warden's Shield Skins, Part 2 The second installation of the Warden shields collection embodies bartered shields, world drops, and dungeon chest rewards. It’s fun, busy, challenging, versatile, and fast! About the Guide. With this guide I read ''added jokes and sarcasm'' so I read the whole thing, must me me I could not see a joke or a hint of sarcasm , Noteworthy Gambits (with No Lines or Chains), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTWGderR-kU&list=RDQMWomL10q_V70&start_radio=1, Helm's Deep Guide (from Laurel's LOTRO Den), Noteworthy Gambits with No Lines or Chains, 11 (Spear-Spear), 12 (Spear-Shield), 13 (Spear-Fist), 21 (Shield-Spear), 22 (Shield-Shield), 23 (Shield-Fist). Maybe someone needs to write up something like this for the Burglar... *hint hint*. Sneak, surprise strike, HIPS.Did I miss anything Toob? Your email address will not be published. The warden gambit chart shows all the gambits available to the warden class. Critical Defense is an invaluable stat that should be around 70% for a true tank. Wardens all have some military training and have ma… When SSG improves the Red Bear's DPS, then I will make a build for Red Line also. ... LOTRO Legendarium: It’s long past time to delete legendary items from Lord of the Rings Online. The main thing about tanking as a warden though, is that you have to be proactive and know what will happen next so you can have the gambit built and ready to counter the problem. Incoming Healing should only get an essence or 2 as it’s not that important, but should still be fairly decent. I just wanted to pop in and say that Capo made a believer out of me. But it wasn’t until the 2000s did they start to grow into popularity. An Interface customization community for the game Lord of the Rings Online The rest of your slots should just go straight to morale as that’s the most effective way to take more damage. They limit themselves to medium armour so that they can travel swiftly and silently to defend those they protect from threats. Helpt me a bit to get up to speed with my warden. on Lotro Housing Trophy Taxidermist Barter Item; Episode 25: Will You Be Our Valentine? my warden in Anor is called Ardennas, it is at lvl 50, and it is on my personal kin "morituri te salutant". I use yellow much more than I admit in the guide. Guardian Red is the closest, but still not too similar. I tried Red for like, five seconds, and my Warden lost Morale a lot faster, so I switched back to Blue. Lotro beorning solo. Welcome to Beorning builds, here you will find a good build for Healing (Yellow) and Tanking (Blue) build. Simple right? Popping Defiant Challenge in your opener can be great for getting some snap Aggro and giving you some breathing room as the fight goes on, however, there are a few fights where it is beneficial to wait a little bit to get the most out of it. ** Tactical Mitigation can be boosted first through relics, buff scrolls, and your carving. Personally, I’ve had more fun playing a Warden than any other class in LOTRO. WARDEN GAMBITS DA M AG E main hand damage common or light damage ranged damage in assailment stance. I don’t recommend using anything but the Nadhin Essence gear or the Osgiliath Essence gear if you happen to have a piece of it. Warden. We run all T2C /T3 /T5 content on a stress-free atmosphere giving the possibility to learn and improve. LOTRO Warden Tanking Guide by legofreak11 **Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form the best Warden out there. 31 (Fist-Spear), 32 (Fist-Shield), 33 (Fist-Fist). Wardens, the New Kids on the Block - LOTRO Warden Guide. House of Lords / Arkenstone is a raiding & social - European prime time kin most active between 8pm and 11pm CET (1pm and 5pm servertime).Currently we run Remmorchant, the Net of Darkness raid every weekend. Class Guides. I focus more on vitality than agility, and might is my "third focus" (like how Fate is my "third" on my Red Hunter.) The … Thank you! This setup focuses on lots of Tactical Mitigation and Resistance. This, for me, has been pretty much all positive, so please … Race ... Red Baron Jul 31, 2019 @ 1:54pm Minstrel after the patches became much weaker, now you can't kill mobs with 1-2 hits. WARDENS TRIUMPH 20. 64. Whether you like to run raids or are strictly a solo player, making use of the information in the Lotro Champion Guide will make your journey through the lord of rings online much more enjoyable. Yellow line is a mysterious and strange role that no self-respecting Warden would ever use. So in review, of the 24 slots you should use: -1-3 Tactical Mitigation Essences -2 Critical Defense Essences -2 Incoming Healing Essences -17-19 Morale Essences. The major mechanic behind being able to do this is that all of the tank specializations (Warden Blue Line, Guardian Blue and yellow Lines, Captain yellow Line, Beorning Blue Line, and Champion Blue Line) get 300% boosts to the Threat they generate from Damage and Healing. Another mechanic behind generating threat lies in Force Taunts. The rotation i tend to stick to is as follows: 1) Stack up fellowship protector to 10 by battle prepping conviction 2) battle prep shield mastery 3) conviction as i run in 4) dance of war 5) persevere chain 6) repeat from step 2 but without battle prep. This is great! Resistance is a very important stat in the new instances, but you can easily get it to a very nice level through just virtues, buff food, and hope tokens so it doesn’t really need an essece unless you wanna go with a super high resist build. How you trait is up to you, and should fit your own playstyle, however, a few of the traits that I view as essential are as follows: -Warden’s Challenge + Defiance – These two traits combined, not only give you your only Force-Taunt as a warden, but also give you your most powerful defensive cooldown. This can be reached easily with an essence or 2 if you use a cloak that gives crit d (the best one dropping in Osgiliath instances, and a nice back up option dropping in BfE) and any teal level 100 tank focused warden shield. The basic idea behind tanking is to generate more Threat than the rest of your group so that you can maintain Aggro.

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