1980s cereal toys

$27.08. Carnation Cornflakes - $145. Per the Associated Press , in 1988, Kellogg's had to recall millions of flutes and toy binoculars due to the fact that they could break into small pieces, causing kids to choke on them. 25. ebay.com A vintage Barbie from 1959 was purchased on eBay for $2,800.99. Paired with some Saturday morning cartoons, these cereals were a highlight of childhood. Internet demand brought Quisp … Another reason why Saturday mornings are just totally not the same! Some authentic dolls from the 1980s have sold for between $100 and $160 on eBay, but most of them have been sold for prices between $20 and $60. By the 1970s, the options for a morning bowlful were downright weird. Published by Candy Keane | Geek Mamas. Update your shipping location ... Vintage 1980's Odie Pencil Topper Kellogg's Toys Cereal Box Premium Prize. If sugar wasn't already a massive selling point, the '80s were also the time that many toys were found in cereal boxes — until they were declared a choking hazard. Our memory banks are filled with the tastes, smells and packaging of snacks, quick meals, cereals and drinks of decades gone by. (2009) Kix - $36. Posting pictures and sharing memories of Toys, Cartoons, and Kid Shows of the 1980s in the U.S. If you're a kid of the 1980s and '90s, then the chances are that you watched a lot of TV and owned a lot of toys. 99 results for cereal box 1980's. (2004) W/Woody Woodpecker on front/trading card inside ; Cheerios - $500 (2009) 1948 Lone Ranger Frontier Town box, #5 of 9 ; General Mills Fruit Brute - $375. I was – oh, seven or eight years old. If you grew up in the 80s, you've probably owned many of these classic toys. Among all the modern “antique” cereal toys on eBay from the 1970s and 1980s, I was delighted to find this one, identified as a 1950s cereal prize - and identical to the submarine I remember. 20 TEDDY RUXPIN Nowadays, with free video games on mobile phones having better graphics than classic video games that cost 50 bucks 35 years ago, it is hard to remember how easy it is for something to look high tech just through simple robotic movements. Joe toys can command a small fortune, especially if you've got the original 1963 prototype—it sold for a mind-boggling $200,000 in 2003. Read More: 12 of the Most Iconic Cars in TV History Of course, condition has a lot to do with how much any vintage die-cast car will fetch. This wasn't a phenomenon unique to our age group, of course. And guess what? From Danish Rings and Swanson TV dinners to Nintendo Cereal and Hubba Bubba Gum, revisit these childhood classics. Shop with Afterpay on eligible items. Tagged as: 1980s, 80s kid, cereal, cereal toys, Mom Blog, nostaglia, toy inside. It sounds a bit pathetic now, but in decades past, unearthing a crappy toy from within a box of sugary cereal was like finding buried treasure for a kid in the 1960s-1980s. I am a '90s kid who was brought up solely on cereal for breakfast. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at eBay.com. Lot of vintage small toys, McDonald's toys, cereal box toys, 1980s toys, 1990s toys, collectible toys AndysAntiquesAndFarm. Cereal aisle selection, sugar content and cartoon mascots escalated in the 1960s. Depending on the terrarium you got, you would grow either sweet basil, fine curled cress (also called Garden Cress) or violet queen alyssum (also called Alisons). More information Vintage 1980s Cap n Crunch Captain and Soggies Sogmaster Robot Promotional Cereal toys By … Potato Head, Lincoln Logs and Cabbage Patch Dolls are among the most popular. 1980s Kids Generation Gap 1960s Toys Cereal Boxes Grandma's House Kids Zone Tiny Treasures My Childhood Memories Classic Toys. (2004) 1978 w/secret agent pen offer ; Kelloggs Frosted Rice Cereal - $15. Just like the She-Ra and Swift Wind pack, the fact that both He-Man and Battle Cat were packaged together accounts for the high price of this toy set. Food 52 reached out to Kellogg's to ask why most cereals no longer have toys, and while they didn't give a clear-cut answer, they said their marketing department made the decision after conducting "in-depth research." From United States Customs services and international tracking provided. 1980-1990s vintage toy, cereal toy RandomGoodsVintage. From 1969 to the present day, prizes, mail-aways, and contests offered through breakfast promos have inspired and encouraged fans to purchase multiple boxes, clip endless UPC codes, and dig to the bottom of dry cereal in … Great deals on Toy Story Cereal Premiums (1970-Now). Kelloggs Tonymobile toy. What differentiates these generational gaps is how inextricably entwined our … From shop AndysAntiquesAndFarm. $7.73. The terrariums looked cool and they actually worked. (2004) 1978 with Tony Jr on the box Kellogg's Sugar Pops - $161. Star Wars 1977-85 Masters of universe 1980’s Shogun Warriors 1980’s Wrestling figures 1980’s Super Powers DC 1980’s Jurassic Park. Star Trek and merchandise tie-ins go together like Romulans and duplicity. From shop RandomGoodsVintage. 5 out of 5 stars (351) 351 reviews $ 19.00. Inside almost every box of cereal was a game, toy… In 1980, Post Alpha-Bits cereal enticed kids to "start growing your own garden with one of 3 different Terrariums inside." Shop today! C $5.34. 1980s Kids Generation Gap 1960s Toys Cereal Boxes Grandma's House Kids Zone Tiny Treasures My Childhood Memories Classic Toys Vintage 1980s Cereal Box Prize DIG'EMS SECRET DECODER Advertisement Toy Premium But ’80s babies are in their thirties right now. 25 Cereals From The '80s You Will Never Eat Again. CEREAL TOY - PLONKY PIANO - NEPTUNE AND HIS SWITCHED ON SEAWEEDERS - GREEN. 1980’s VOLTRON 1980’s Mego’s 1970’s Tin Toys Cereal toys 1960’s PAYING BEST PRICES CONTACT ME ON … Fast & Free shipping on many items! Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. None have appealed to children and adults alike more than cereal promotions! Instead, boxes now offer an access code that can be redeemed for online rewards or contests. Post navigation. For example, at one point, Fruit Loops boxes invited … $15.00. Vintage 1980s Cereal Box Prize DIG'EMS SECRET DECODER Advertisement Toy Premium. It seems the practice of putting little toys and freebie gifts in packets of breakfast cereals is all but dying out, as I didn’t notice a single prize to be had from any of the boxes on the shop shelves. Before the days of multi-digit access codes on boxes, cereal companies actually cared about how much fun kids had. Taking Kids to Comic Cons – 10 Tips from a Cosplay Mom. Cereal rebounded in a big way in the 1940s, with the big success story of the decade being General Mills’ Cheerios, which were introduced in 1941 as Cheerioats. Here's a wonderful Vintage 1980's Cereal Box TV Commercial featuring Post Cereals "Post Superheroes Create a Villain Contest". Top Rated Seller. I loved that toy and spent a lot of time with it in the bathroom sink. So far the Malt-O-Meal S’mores cereal has been the closest cereal I’ve had to the original. Before its introduction in the United States, Ken Hakuta received in the mail several sticky octopus-like toys from his mother, who lived in Japan. 100 Popular Toys From the 80s show list info. Both Kellogg and Post introduced their own Raisin Brans in 1942, leading to a major boom in the Raisin Bran market, and Post introduced Sugar Crisp in 1948, which today is known as Golden Crisp and … It’s hard to believe that the 1980s happened such a long time ago. These were all toys that were available for a regular person to buy in the 1980s and are now worth a lot of money. Ending Jan 19 at 6:25PM PST 5d 4h. 11 amazing things you used to get in cereal boxes Did you dig the prize out the second you opened the box… or wait for it to end up in your bowl? Creating this flavor required coming up with a new special baking process that involved using an oil coating for “flavor delivery”, This seems in line with the “crunch enhancer” the non-nutrient cereal varnish created by Clarke W. Griswald jr…. 1 bid. G.I. Feb 16, 2014 - Check out our cereal toy selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Get the best deals on Pre - 1980 Promotional Cereal Toys. Save this search. Apr 25, 2016 - more kelloggs cornflakes : cereal toys 1960s,1970s mixed lot. Some toys have become rare collectibles, while others didn't stand the test of time. Buy It Now. CEREAL TOY MIXED LOT OF 7 INC PIRATE, VEG SPORT, SPACE NITS ETC . (2004) 1945 box … $34.82 shipping. $9.80 shipping. Kellogg's, Post and General Mills waged war with their animated tigers, panthers and pilots. 2 talking about this. The Wacky WallWalker was a toy molded out of a sticky elastomer.It was shaped similar to a spider, and when thrown against a wall would "walk" its way down.It was a hugely popular toy in the early 1980s. Vintage 1980s Cereal Box Prize DIG'EMS SECRET DECODER Advertisement Toy Premium. Name a kid who didn't watch tons of television or have a prized collection of dolls, action figures, and related accessories. I was walking through the breakfast cereal aisle of my local supermarket the other night when I noticed something that surprised me. ... 1980 Post Cereal Mini License Plates. The 1970s and 1980s were filled with memorable but not-so-healthy foods. Yoda Best Footprint Cards for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or Any Day. Lite Brite, Micro Machines, Simon Says, Mr. Some parents let their children dump out the entire contents of the box to get at the glorious prize within; some let their kids dig their grubby paws, elbow-deep, into the box to catch hold of the … Pre-Owned.

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