Industrial Compounds

Aqaba Oil Terminal – Civil Works. Aqaba – JORDAN

Employer: CDIG – China

Details: All Civil works related to Aqaba Oil and LPG Storage Terminal consisting of Site Excavation and Backfilling, Tank Foundation, Buildings, Infrastructure and Roads.

Commencement: May, 2014

Completion: February, 2018


Arab Potash Company – Harvester No. 5 and 6. Ghor AlSafi – JORDAN

Employer: FLSmith RAHCO Inc

Details: Replacement of Electrical and Mechanical Equipments for Harvesters 5 and 6 including painting works.

Commencement: January, 2017

Completion: January, 2018


Arab Potash Co. – Second Compaction Circuit @ CCP2. Ghor Alsafi- Jordan

Employer: Arab Potash co. (APC)

Details: Mechanical Equipment Installation with its related Electrical and I&C Works. Steel Structure Works, Civil Works, Fabrication and Welding.

Commencement: September, 2016

Completion: October, 2017


Arab Potash Company – Harvester No. 12. Ghor AlSafi – JORDAN

Employer: FLSmith RAHCO Inc

Details: Electrical Work, Fabrication and Equipment Erection and Instrumentation Works one Harvester No. 12 for APC in AlSafi – Jordan and Floating Pipeline.

Commencement: February, 2013

Completion: May, 2014


Jordan Bromine Plant Expansion – Petra Phase 2. Ghor AlSafi – JORDAN

Employer: Jordan Bromine Co. – Kentz Overseas

Details:Electro-Mechanical Equipment Erection including Piping and Instrumentation for Phase 2 of Petra Expansion.

Commencement: December, 2012

Completion: April, 2013


Arab Potash Company – Harvester No. 4 Refurbishment and Upgrade Project. Ghor AlSafi – Jordan

Employer: FLSmidth RAHCO Inc

Details: Fabrication, Equipments Erection, Electrical and Instrumentation Work of one Harvester No. 4 in APC.

Commencement: November, 2012

Completion: May, 2013


Disi – Mudawarra To Amman Water Conveyance System Project. Madaba – JORDAN


Details: Pumping station at Madaba, Dabouk Reservoir Site and Abu Alanda Reservoir Site. Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Works related to Conveyance Pumps, Piping, Flow Control Station, Chlorination System, Switchgear (MV & LV), SCADA, Instrumentation, Cable Raceways, Cables and Valve Chambers.

Commencement: December, 2011

Completion: August, 2013


Arab Potash Company – Harvester No. 11. Ghor AlSafi – JORDAN

Employer: FLSmith RAHCO Inc

Details: Electrical Work, Fabrication and Equipment, Erection and Instrumentation Works of one Harvester No. 11 for APC in AlSafi – Jordan and Floating Pipeline.

Commencement: November, 2010

Completion: December, 2011


Jordan Bromine Company – Bromine GRE Pipeline. Ghor AlSafi – JORDAN

Employer: Jordan Bromine Company Limited

Details: Bromine Pipeline Installation of 4Km GRE Brine Pipe including all Concrete foundation and supports..

Commencement: April, 2011

Completion: July, 2011


Jordan Bromine Company Expansion – Electro-Mechanical Construction Works. Ghor AlSafi – JORDAN

Employer: Jordan Bromine Company Limited

Details: JBC Factory extension Adding Tetra Bromine Unit which included Equipment, Piping and Instrument Installation.

Commencement: February, 2011

Completion: May, 2011


Shoaiba Power Station Extension Stage III – Mechanical Works. Shoaiba – Saudi Arabia

Employer: ALSTOM POWER CENTRALES, Saudi Arabia

Details: Structural Steel, Mechanical Equipment, cladding Flue Gas Ducting, Piping erection Works.

Commencement: October, 2009

Completion: February, 2011


Arab Potash Company – Harvesters No. 9 and 10. Ghor AlSafi – JORDAN


Details: Fabrication of 2 Nos. Potash Harvesters for APC in Jordan including Electro-Mechanical Works and Piping.

Commencement: March, 2008

Completion: May, 2009


Arab Potash Company – Harvesters No. 7 and 8. Ghor AlSafi – JORDAN


Details: Electrical Works for Two Harvesters for APC in JORDAN.

Commencement: September, 2007

Completion: February, 2008


Magnesium Oxide Factory – Rectification and Completion of Mechanical Works. Ghor Safy – JORDAN

Employer: Magnesium Oxide CO. JORDAN

Details: Identification and procurement of outstanding material requirements, installation of all outstanding piping and mechanical equipment works, including insulation and cladding, pre-commissioning and commissioning assistance.

Commencement: September, 2002

Completion: March, 2003


Zai Water Treatment Plant. Zai – JORDAN

Employer: Hitachi Plant Engineering & Construction Co. LTD

Details: Construction of all Mechanical Plant, Equipment and Piping, etc. for the Improvement of ZAI Water Treatment Plant for the Water Authority of Jordan Ministry of Water & Irrigation.

Commencement: October, 2000

Completion: November, 2001


GSM MobileCom Tower (Orange). JORDAN

Employer: COMUSAT – Orange

Details: Civil works including GSM Towers, Equipment Foundations, Fencing, Electro-Mechanical Erection Works.

Commencement: March, 2000

Completion: July, 2000


NPK Fertilizer Project. Aqaba – JORDAN

Employer: Chiyoda Corporation

Details: Erection of all Equipment as well as Installation of the following Work: Instrumentation Electrical Ducts and Chutes Piping Painting & Insulation.

Commencement: June, 1995

Completion: December, 1996


Intelsat Earth Standard “Baqa-4” – Jordan Telecom. Baqa – JORDAN

Employer: Telecommunication Corporation (TCC) Jordan

Details: Complete Civil and Electro-Mechanical works for the Intelsat Standard “A” Earth Station designated

Commencement: May, 1994

Completion: October, 1995


Rehabilitation of the Phosphoric Acid Plant – Jordan Phosphate & Mines Co. Aqaba – JORDAN

Employer: Bouygues – Jordan Phosphate Mines Co

Details: Up-Grade and Increase the Production of the Existing & Operating Phosphoric Acid Plant..

Commencement: May, 1993

Completion: December, 1993


Remote Areas Desalination Plants. UAE

Employer: Water and Electricity Authority – Government of Abu Dhabi – U.A.E

Details: Installation of 6 Nos. Multi Stage Flash Desalination Units at a Total Capacity of 10,000 m³ Per Day.

Commencement: November, 1985

Completion: May, 1987


Ready Mixed Concrete Plant – Al Jubail – Saudi Arabia

Employer: Al Bassam Global Corporation

Details: Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Civil and Electro-Mechanical Works for the Construction of Ready Mix Concrete Plant.

Commencement: November, 1980

Completion: May, 1981